Scarcity and Creativity in Latitude 34S

In the fall 2013 and spring 2014 students of The Oslo School of Architecture (AHO) will design and build a Community Center in Pumanque, Chile to contribute to the reconstruction of the town after the 2010 earthquake.


Pumanque is a small town of 3500 inhabitants that lies 150 kms south of Santiago, Chile’s capital city. It was founded in the XVII century as the seat of a large country estate and thus has a rich colonial heritage, its most notable characteristic are its colonnaded pavements which line its main streets. On 27 February 2010 it was hit by one of the strongest earthquakes on record which affected 80% of its buildings, making most of these uninhabitable, amongst these the colonial church and the municipal buildings.The Oslo School of Architecture and Design , Scarcity and Creativity Studio, presently composed of 20 students and 4 staff, has been invited to contribute to the reconstruction of the town by designing and building a Community Center where local people can meet and be taught to make crafts to sell, in order to supplement their incomes.





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