Building: Day #18

Building: Day #18

Old doors and windows from the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake had been kept aside for us from our last visit to Pumanque. These were now collected with the intention of re-using them in our project.

The doors might be used in the interior of the main part of the building, but it seems that it will be too much work to prepare the windows for proper use. So glass is being ordered depending on the right price.

One team are building new doors for the Hub. The door frames are built up with 2″ x 4″ timber members. Then a layer of compact insulation is added and then finally the OSB sheets are nailed on top.

building new doors3


building new doors2

building new doors

A bit of cleaning is always needed in this place…


The building is beginning to take shape…

the wall

the wall2

cutting an angle



nice light

Floor work continues….

floor work2

floor work

The floor beams consist of 2″ x 6″ timber planks.

timber planks

Work with adding the insulation between the floor beams has also begun.

insulating the floor

Lunch time! One of the most typical food in Chile is the empanada.

empanada lunch

Behind our sleeping dorms there are some really sweet dogs, (…and also noisy! Our precious sleep gets disturbed each night).

dog on toilet




The panel work is still going strong. We are working on the west facade now.

panel girl team

panel work1

It does make you a bit crazy though at times…

crazy from the panel work

panel work

Juan from Chile a soñar was helping us a few days with the panel work too. Thanks Juan!

panel work2

panel work3

panel work4

At times we enjoy a good laugh too…

having a laugh

Jose, is a trained welder and his skills are really useful in welding the canopy details to great precision. Thank you Jose!





Marking of the top truss details…

marking the fittings2

marking the fittings

Organising and adjusting the steel fittings for the canopy details…

the metal works

Steel tubes for the truss frame…

steel tubes

steel fittings4

steel fittings

steel fittings 3

steel fittings 2

Foundation steel plates had to be fitted to the threaded rods.

fitting steel plate

fitting steel plate 2

The BBQ preparations by the local Pumanque guys started already in the early afternoon…


There are two stairs on either end of the building currently being built.

The first staircase beside the trees…






The second staircase….

2nd stairs

The timber studs are hammered in place with long nails….

2nd stair 2

Work  on the building site progressed a bit slower towards the afternoon as there was not enough materials. New material was expected to arrive in the afternoon.

A little break in the mean time…

afternoon break

afternoon break2


Watching the grilling of two entire lambs is fascinating.


evening break

Materials finally arrived at around 8pm!!

unloading materials3

unloading materials4

unloading material

unloading material 2

Sunset over the site…

sunset on site

Another day in construction has come to an end.


We enjoyed the hearty grilled lamb with good Chilean wine.

bbq dinner

Socialising around a fire after a BBQ is also a very typical thing to do in Chile.

socialising around the fire