Building: Day #20

Building: Day #20

We started to prepare the membranes and the 6 mm steel edge cables.

membrane 3

membrane 1

Cutting and labelling of the steel cables.

membrane 2

More of the canopy details were painted, and we did a test of mounting the truss.

steel work 1

steel work 6

steel work 5

steel work 4

steel work 3

steel work 7

Insulation was put into the floor. 5mm sheets of styrofoam.

work on the  floor 1

work on the floor 2

insulation 3

insulation 2

The rest of the roof beams were fixed, and more of the OSB wall plates were mounted.

plates on wall 2

roof beams

insulation 4
The doors for the “hub”.

The sun sets over the construction site.

building in sunset