Building: Day #23

The steel work begins. Everyone who was not part of the “steel team” had to continue with work to the far end of the building. Away from where the steel tubes would be erected.

Steelwork 1

A couple of local Chilean workers were assisting with the assemblement.

steelwork 2

steelwork 3

Steelwork 4

Steelwork 5


Steelwork 7

The digging machine would be transformed with some welding tricks into a useful tool for lifting the steel tubes into place.


Steelwork 11

Steelwork 8

Many hands were required on board to secure the tubes into the correct position. A system of pulleys and ropes were adjusted to maneuvre the tubes correctly.

Steelwork 9

Steelwork 12

Once the one end of the steel tube was inserted into place…

Steelwork 13

…it was fastened securely.

Steelwork 14

Steelwork 15

Steelwork 16

Steelwork 17

Steelwork 18

Tacking up the asphalt paper-foil for waterproofing and windproofing the walls.

Asfalt membrane 1

Asfalt membrane 3

Mounting up the final ceiling boards. All hands on board!

inner roofing 1

inner roofing 2

inner roofing 3

inner roofing 4

inner roofing 5

Check this drilling style!

inner roofing

The work with inserting the electrical cables into the walls continues. More insulation still to be added to the main room.

inner roofing 7

The final layers of the slide are coming into place. The final membrane added will be of a material that is suited for sliding on.

Slide 3

While working on the slide, one can also test the sliding capabilities.

Slide 1

Slide 2

Final touches to the staircase.

stairs 1

A beautiful sight to behold of the silhouette of the trusses in the dying light.

Steelwork 19

Steelwork 20

Steelwork 21