Building: Day #24

The remaining steel tubes were set in place to complete the truss frame.

1putting up the truss frame1

2putting up the truss frame2

3putting up the truss frame3

4on the roof

5shadow play

6climbing down1

This really underlines our course outline “scarcity and creativity”. Fascinating to watch one of the local Chilean workers climb down from the structure using simply rope and a ladder.

7climbing down2

8climbing down3

25putting truss frame up

With time ticking, the mounting of the panels could commence on the far end of the building, while others put into place the horisontal backing studs that were remaining on the north and south facing facades.

9mounting panels

27horisontal studs

10mounting panels


11mounting panels

12mounting panels

13mounting panels


Others were assembling the steel cable details. The bolts were tested and torqued to estimate the right force capacities. This required a duo collaboration.

17assembling steel details

18assembling steel details

19assembling steel details

20assembling steel details

21assembling steel details

22assembling steel details

23assembling steel details

24assembling steel details

The wire cables cut and assembled with all the details.

15steel cables

16steel cables

The window frames were also coming into place now.

26window frame

28wire cables

29wire cables

Working later and later, but the sunsets this time were absolutely stunning.


Work lamps in place for a little late night working.