Building: Day #25

Today we had our breakfast before sunrise and started work in the first glimpses of daylight.

1 Front facade

The work remaining: Fastening the remaining horisontal backing studs to all the walls before mounting the remaining panels to the facades. Then trimming the railings once in place. Next suspending the canopies between the truss frame.

2 North facade

3 Old door in place

The old doors from the homes destroyed in the earthquake have found a new home.

4 first canopy

The first canopy is brought forth into daylight and suspended into place between the truss frames. A very emotional and exciting moment.

5 first canopy

6 first canopy

7 dicussing

8 second canopy

Second canopy is suspended into place.

9 second canopy

Before the final 2″x 2″ timber terrace could be put into place, the waterproofing membrane had to be fastened to the roof.

10 fixing roof membrane

More panels are mounted into place. The design of the pattern in the facade begins to really reveal itself.

11 north fasade complete

The work of putting up the canopies is proceding with good tempo. The third one is set into place. Pulling and attaching the corners of the canopy to the connection points requires great physical strength.

13 third canopy

Work on the flooring in-between the two rooms is underway. Also the completion of the interior facades are in progress.

14 flooring in the hallway

15 flooring

Tacking asphalt paper to the walls for weather protection.

16 tacking the asphalt paper

The north facade complete.

17 front fasade complete

Working in the last rays of daylight.

18 sunset

19 sunset

20 canopy

21 canopy