Building: Day #26

Last full day of building. We again started at the break of dawn to make the most of the daylight hours, as working at night prooved difficult and ineffective.

These photos are taken around sundown.



The perforation in the fasade creates a interesting view of people working behind the railing.

3through the fasade

4through the fasade

5over the railing

Front staircase complete.


In the backyard, preparations are being made for cutting out the windows in the panels.


The remaining 2″ x “2 floor boards on the terrace are coming into place. Some panels for the railing remain to be completed.

8floor work

9floor work

…but it’s nearly there.

10floor work

11up on the terrace


This niche was born during the building phase. It’s a pretty sweet little spot to view the sunset over the hills.

13a niche

The slide is complete.


Nearly close to completion…

15close to completion

16close to completion

The palm tree has been re-instated into the site and sits sheltered behind the building.

17palm tree