Building: Day#21

Building: Day#21

The work on the front stairs continues and is proceeding step by step…

stairs 6 stairs 7

stairs 4

stairs 2 stairs 5

stairs 1

Taavi and Eirik started working on the slope in the back of the building.

slope 4

slope 2

slope 3

slope 1

There is still some insulation work to do.

insulation 5

insulation 4

The preparation of the canopy goes on, and the steel plates for the foundations are now in their rightful places.

steel work 4

steel work7

steel work 2

In such scarce conditions some tools have to be improvised…mmm….a fun job removing sand?

steel work 3

Painting the steel tubes with anti-corrosion emulsion.

steel work 6

steel work 5

Some cleaning had to be done to prepare for tomorrow’s leveling of the site.

cleaning cleaning 2

As there is only one week left, our days on the construction site are getting longer. Good night!

night work night work 2