Semester #1

Scarcity and Creativity in Latitude 34s, 72°w Studio

PART ONE Fall 2013

Course code H13AS8
Department Institute of Architecture
Professor in charge Professor Michael U. Hensel, Professor Christian Hermansen, Assistant Professor Solveig Sandnes
Additional staff Architect Joakim Hoen and Architect Haakon Matre Aaserød
Instruction language English
Max. no. of students 24
ECTS credits 24

Course description

The objective of the first semester will be the individual explorations and designs of the community centre building.

#1 Precedents study
A detailed analysis of built examples of relevant projects built in Chile, which result in a report of the building study. These studies will look at the architecture of the building, its use, its structure, and its construction and will be done on the basis of library, internet information and in addition the students will interview the architect/s responsible.

#2 Design of the community hall
Based on precedent study and the information we can gather on the site, plans, sections elevations and renders of the design.

#3 Site visit
A stay in Pumanque, Chile to do a site analysis and to meet our clients. Part two of the precedent study based on a visit to the building and the office of the architect to conduct an interview and focusing on the buildings response to local cultural and climatic conditions. Students will make reports on the site visit and the building study.

#4 Final design of the individual student projects for examination in front of an external jury.

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