Semester #2

Scarcity and Creativity in Latitude 34s, 72°w Studio

PART TWO Spring 2014

Course code 40 600
Department Institute of Architecture
Professor in charge Professor Christian Hermansen (100 %) Professor Michael Hensel (100 %)
Additional staff Assistant Professor Solveig Sandness (40 %) Architect Joakim Hoen
Instruction language English
Max no. of students 24
ECTS credits 24

Course description

The objective of the second semester will be to finalise the design of the community centre building.

1# Analysis of the community centre building designed in the previous semester. Students will be asked to present to the studio one of the buildings developed in the previous semester together with a proposal of how they would improve the design.

2# Selection of the most promising projects for further development. Teams of students develop the chosen projects (approx. scale 1:50) Projects are reduced in number, student teams increase in size, and work on the projects becomes more detailed (approx. 1:10). In addition to developing the architectural qualities of the design, the costs and building feasibility are incorporated into the study.

3# Final selection of the project which should go forward. Development of the project, especially in terms of costs, construction feasibility, and details. Students will be asked to build a critical part/s of the project at 1:1.

4# Site visit to Pumanque to build the project.

5# Exhibition production at AHO Works of the work done during the semester.

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